Deep Log Analysis Study

Understanding the behaviours of users is essential in developing an e-book market that provides users with the e-books they need and that meet their expectations.

The deep log analysis (DLA) study was undertaken by CIBER at UCL. The study commenced in January 2008 and completed in summer 2009.  The study had two key aims, to collect qualitative and quantitative data on e-book user behaviours and to measure the impact of making e-books freely available at the point of use on publisher’s print sales and library circulation figures. During 2008 and 2009 a wealth of data was collected:

  • Benchmarking user surveys carried out in January 2008 and in January 2009 explored current users’ awareness, perceptions and attitudes towards e-books. Together, these surveys received over 52,000 responses.
  • Raw server logs were analysed to see exactly how users discovered, navigated through and used the course text e-books.
  • Focus groups were held at 8 universities. Data gathered from the focus groups held with students, teaching staff and librarians has been analysed against the log data to explain user behaviours and attitudes.
  • Library circulation and retail sales data were analysed against the usage of the e-books.

The DLA study has completed and the final reports on the user surveys, log analysis, focus groups and impact on print sales are all available on the reports page.